About Saoirse tours

Fran Ryan is from the beautiful Co. Clare (and very proud of it) and now lives in the magical Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry.

Fran is a designer of Irish fashions and traditional Irish sweaters. She has exhibited at various Irish Festivals and State Fairs in U.S. e.g. Milwaukee Irish Fest, Savannah Irish Fest, Ohio, New York State Fair, Eastern States Expo (BigE) and is passionate about her country and it’s folklore and history and spends hours speaking with people about her beloved country, Ireland.

Many of her tours are booked from these exhibitions so she rarely has to advertise. Strong friendships have been formed through her tours, and many return to go on alternative tours with Fran. Family groups are very welcome and alone time for families to create memories is well catered for.

Saoirse means ‘Freedom’, and this is what Saoirse Tours is all about – no rushing or long queues, and taking the “The Road Less Travelled”, means you can experience the hidden Ireland.

Fran Ryan Saoirse Tours